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Thick Smoothie

Up until yesterday I’d been very hesitant to go near the xanthan gum in my house. Why? That name is really creepy, and it gave me the idea that xanthan gum was too “advanced” an ingredient for me to try. … Continue reading

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A Special Package

I got something pretty spectacular in the mail today, thanks to the beautiful Katy from Runnin’ to the Altar. I won her giveaway for a GU Performance Energy Sampler and Nike + iPod, and the energy sampler arrived! I’m so … Continue reading

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Sister Love

I had the Oscars on as background noise as I tidied up my room yesterday and got my outfits together for my week at work, and I’ll say, it was pretty boring. As much I really like James Franco and … Continue reading

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She’s a Wonder Woman

I completely blanked on the fact that Paul has class Friday mornings so it looks like we won’t be wasting our money visiting the casino tonight. That’s alright though! It’s 57 degrees in Chicago, and my four-day weekend has officially … Continue reading

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Football Hangover

Though it’s not even close to morning, I’m already hungover from the football game. Not from the 2 beers, not from the all the food, but from the game itself. I hate the Green Bay Packers, and I’m pretty sleepy, … Continue reading

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2 Greek Yogurt Dips

Last night’s girls night rocked! I brought over two yummy dips with fruit and veggies, and my other friend brought a ton of different cheeses and crackers. Sometimes snacking is so much better than a real meal! We started with … Continue reading

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Just Another Manic Monday…

It’s definitely been kind of a crazy Monday. The weather’s been pretty crappy in Chicago (lots of freezing rain), and my knees are still in a lot of pain. As much as I want to just mope, I’m not going … Continue reading

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