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Luna the Cat + Scrambled Egg White Mess

When I first saw the Luna Bar that the wonderful Kayla sent to me, I immediately thought about a different Luna. Did anyone else watch Sailor Moon back in the day? Let’s just say that I was obsessed with this … Continue reading

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Thick Smoothie

Up until yesterday I’d been very hesitant to go near the xanthan gum in my house. Why? That name is really creepy, and it gave me the idea that xanthan gum was too “advanced” an ingredient for me to try. … Continue reading

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Vegetable Quesadillas

I got a ton of stuff done this weekend, and I’m feeling great about the fact that I have this upcoming week off. Finally, I chopped a couple inches off of my hair, and though it’s not very noticeable, I … Continue reading

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And I’m Off!

Vacation begins now! I can’t believe that I’m not going back to work until March 28. It seems like such a long time, but I know it’s going to fly by. Sorry for the missed post yesterday. I ended up … Continue reading

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A Special Package

I got something pretty spectacular in the mail today, thanks to the beautiful Katy from Runnin’ to the Altar. I won her giveaway for a GU Performance Energy Sampler and Nike + iPod, and the energy sampler arrived! I’m so … Continue reading

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Weekend Fly-By

This weekend seriously went by in a blur, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. I did get a ton of stuff done, but the next couple weeks are going to be very hectic, so I’m getting a little … Continue reading

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Frozen Waffles

When I was a kid, I did some weird things when it came to food. I dipped my Milano cookies in water, I had to eat Kit Kats in a very specific way (and long way; it took almost 3 … Continue reading

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