7 Amazing Donors!

Sorry I didn’t have time for a post on Thursday. Now I’m back, and I’ll try to keep posting through the weekend if I have some time during the tournament. After I got home from work Thursday, I spoke to my mom and she told me they didn’t need me at the first game until 7:15. Perfect, I thought. I got my butt on the treadmill and pumped out 4 miles in 38:19! Now I know that probably stinks compared to all you amazing runners out there, but for me, it’s a PR! Now onto some munchies.


Lunch today (Friday) was fantastic. Angie made a pesto spaghetti and I took some of that and mixed it with all my favorite veggies. I also cut up some Greek kefalotiri cheese. Never heard of it? Here’s the scoop, thanks to Wikipedia:

“Kefalotyri is a hard, salty yellow cheese made from sheep milk and/or goat’s milk in Greece and Cyprus.”

It’s by far my favorite Greek cheese, and the best cheese to eat with crackers. I’m thinking of snackin’ on some tomorrow, already!

Getting Donors

One of the main purposes of the AHEPA Marrow Basketball Tournament is to get individuals to sign up and join the registry. It’s amazing how many people say no. Even when you tell them that if they end up becoming a match (extremely slim odds), the procedure is comparable to donating blood.

Today I manned the Be the Match table at Northeastern. While I only managed to recruit 7 new donors, I’m going to stay positive. Who knows, maybe one of these donors will end up saving someone’s life one day. My goal for the tournament is to get 30 donors. I hope we can make it work on Saturday and Sunday.

Since I skipped working out today, I’m going to try to get up early and do a bit of work on the elliptical. Nothing too crazy, but hopefully I can do it.

Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things with

This one has to go to my friend, N. We’ve chugged too many beers together over the years. Love this girl.

Day 11 – A picture of something you hate

Yuck! I can’t stand lettuce. As a kid I hated leafy greens, and I had a particularly bad experience with shredded lettuce as a freshman in high school. Kind of gross, so be warned. I wasn’t feeling well one day, but I decided to hang out and play poker with some guy friends. One of the guys was going to a greasy spoon restaurant and he was going to pick up food for everyone. I opted for a burger since I was pretty hungry. Usually, I just eat burgers with ketchup only, but I forgot to mention this. He comes back with a loaded burger with lots and lots of shredded lettuce. Instead of just giving it to someone else, I devoured it since I was so hungry. Needless to say the food did not sit well, and I ended up in the bathroom throwing up. Still confused why I hate lettuce? Well, all I could see was shredded lettuce in the toilet. I was convinced I could smell the lettuce. It seriously scarred me, and I’m so grossed out by it now. Haha!

Day 12 – A picture of something you love

The Melissa!

This amazing bakery is minutes away from our condo in Greece. They bake all their pastries and sweets daily, and I’ve never been disappointed. It’s name, “Melissa,” means bee. There are tons of bees around this place, and though I love sitting outside eating some baklava, you can be sure that the bees will try to get in one the good stuff too.

Now I’m off to sleep!

What’s something you’re loving right now…how about not liking at all? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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21 Responses to 7 Amazing Donors!

  1. Good luck with getting your donors!!! I know you can do it!! 😀

    I’ve never heard of Kefalotyri. That is so cool!!! 😀


  2. vixter2010 says:

    Good luck at the tourament and getting donors! I’m also not a lettuce fan, I drown it in Mayo 🙂 bakery sounds good, I heart cupcakes! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  3. Katy says:

    Yay for your PR! That’s so awesome!! 🙂 I want to go to a bakery in Greece. One day. 🙂 Good luck on getting people to donate, I hope you meet your goals!! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Lisa says:

    Good luck getting your donors!
    Right now I’m liking beets a lot…roasted on salad. Yum!

  5. Good luck this weekend! Hopefully you guys will find a match, it is so hard to find!

    I think your run time is fabulous!! i am far from a “runner” too!

  6. Olivia says:

    Ew what a gross story about the lettuce!! haha I have a gross story about nacho cheese doritos…needless to say, I can’t eat them ever, ever again. hahaha

  7. Kristina says:

    Good luck with those donors!!!!
    I’ve never eaten an actual beet but I just started juicing them-simply for the color, ha.

  8. Gina says:

    Good luck, girl!

    I hate when I get a food aversion to things because of a bad experience, but hey it happens!

  9. I’m not a fan of lettuce to begin with either or Thai Food. I got sick for other reasons but had had Thai food the night before. Needless to say-I couldn’t begin to eat Thai food again and still haven’t…that was over a year ago ha.

  10. Awesome run, girl! I hope you meet your donation goals! 🙂

  11. Jenny says:

    That’s a great PR girl! I am such a bad runner lol I just don’t like doing it. Good luck with getting donors, love the picture with you and your friend, so pretty!

  12. Sere says:

    Good luck!!

    And great PR (the other day I ran 4 miles in a similar time!) =)

  13. goood luck!!! im not a HUGE fan of lettuce either! i like salads with just pure chopped up veggies!

  14. thequirkykitchen says:

    I looove Greek cuisine! Stuffed vine leaves are the best! I love lettuce too – the crunchier the better! good luck with your donors – it’s amazing what you are doing 🙂

  15. Tara says:

    Congrats on your PR! They always make me feel so good so I hope you feel the same exhilaration and sense of accomplishment, not matter how fast or slow you are.
    I can’t believe you don’t like lettuce!! I have it every single day at least once. I’m sort of obsessed. When I was little, I used to eat lettuce sandwiches that were just two pieces of bread with plain lettuce in the middle. Weird!

    Good luck with the donation goals!

  16. runyogarepeat says:

    Good luck with your donors! You seem so committed to the tourney, it’s awesome.
    I’m not a big lettuce fan either just cause spinach & other mixed greens taste better in my opinion.

  17. it takes me foreverrrr to eat food that i’ve thrown up…so forever I wouldnt eat mexican, or chinese food… or french fries even!

    ok I drank too much in college and saw tooo many meals came back to bite me. ugh.

    glad those days are over. though they were fuuun! ❤

    maybe someday youll heart lettuce?

  18. Kat says:

    Good luck with getting donors! Sounds like an awesome thing to be a part of!! Im currently loving the sunshine, but hating the time change!

  19. Congrats on the PR!! im not the hugest fan of lettuce either, have you tried broccoli slaw yet? you must! hmmm Im really loving dark chocolate dreams right now…not that its almost gone though! hope the rest of the tournament goes well! xoxo

  20. Great PR!!! Never say it stinks compared to others…like you said, it’s amazing for you! I think it’s a great time!!

    So funny you hate lettuce!!!

    I never ever like Au Gratin Potatoes. They made me gag as a kid, and I can’t even look at them. The smell, everything grosses me out. Good think too bc they’re not very healthy. Don’t know why my parents always made them

  21. I think 7 donors is still amazing! Awesome job on the PR that’s faster than I could do it.

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