ABCs and Lots of Food

Last night was awesome, as expected! Originally it was only supposed to be me and two of my girlfriends. But another of the gfs showed up. It was actually her birthday, and she was spending the night with her fiance and family, but she came by the restaurant for a little. Margaritas + gossip + best friends = perfection!

Since I was the DD, I got one tiny margarita, but that meant that I was feeling great this morning. Not sure about everyone else… 🙂

Breakfast was a little different though: no yogurt bowl. Instead, I mixed it up and created a massive cereal bowl with apple slices.

I combined Cinnamon Chex (Thanks Katy!), Cascadian Farms Maple Brown Sugar Granola and Angie‘s panda bear peanut butter puffs. The surrounding apples were so delicious!

Lunch was pretty typical, but I can never go wrong with pepper slices as my side.

Yellow and red!

My real lunch was a Swiss cheese and salami sandwich with honey mustard on Ezekiel bread.

I had a major fruit craving so I overloaded on bloobs and cantaloupe. Then I caught a special surprise in the fridge. Someone bought pomegranate seeds. I love these little babies!

Fruit paradise

I brought a new snack bag to work, and it’s a goodie. If you love tomatoes (like me!) you need to try sun-dried toms.

They’re honestly so much more flavorful than plain tomatoes, and they’re also perfect on salads.

Din salad

Lots of random things in this dinner salad. I’ve got rotini pasta, broccoli, hearts of palm, yellow bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes and lots of olive oil. It was yummy, but I really don’t like broccoli. I devoured the mini-trees first, and then swore to myself that I’d stay away from them for a while.


I’ve jumped on the bandwagon…

A.   Age: 22
B.    Bed size: Queen. Even thought it’s big, I still stick to my little corner. I only move around if I’m having a scary dream.
C.   Chore you hate: It’s not really a chore, but I despise showering. It’s such a process to deal with my hair after!
D.   Dogs: I’ve never had one, but one of the first things I want to do when I move out is adopt one!
E.    Essential start to your day: Coffee. Unfortunately, I’m addicted!
F.  Favorite color: Green and black.
G.  Gold or silver: I think silver looks better on me, but every once in a while I’ll wear a little gold.
H.  Height: 5’2. Yep, I’m a shortie.
I.   Instruments you play: No musical ability whatsoever. I can’t even manage the recorder! But I’m one awesome Rock Band singer.
J.   Job title: Editor.
K.  Kids: None, but after I get married, I want to have 2-3.
L.  Live: Lincolnwood, Illinois. Two whole blocks away from Chicago.
M. Mom’s name: Anastasia

Me and mama during summer 2010

N.  Nicknames: Sophers, Soph, Sophs (Thanks Paul!), Fifi, Fee
O.  Overnight hospital stays: None, knock on wood.
P.  Pet peeve: Drivers on the highway who decide to get in the fast lane but then proceed to drive slower than those in the slow lane. Get out of my way! Basically, bad drivers!
Q.  Quote from a movie: “We’re the three best friends that anyone could have!” The Hangover!
R.  Righty or Lefty: Righty.
S.   Siblings: One younger sis, Angie, and younger bro, Mark.

December 2009

T.   Time you wake up: 6:40 a.m. on the weekdays, anytime between 9 and 10 on the weekends.
U.   Underwear: Lots and lots of different kinds, colors and fabrics!
V.    Vegetables you dislike: Lettuce! I had a terrible experience with shredded lettuce in high school.
W.   What makes you run late: I’m obsessive about being on time. I start to get anxiety if I might be late, and then I become a crazy driver. The one thing that does make me late though is unpredictable Chicago traffic.
X.    X-rays you’ve had: My teeth, a couple fingers, I think that’s it.
Y.    Yummy food you make: I’m such a beginner. I’m okay with cookies, but I’m hoping to get better at main courses.
Z.     Zoo animal favorite: Lions!! Rawr!

Do we have anything in common? Sun-dried tomatoes…yay or nay?

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30 Responses to ABCs and Lots of Food

  1. Cookies are my favorite to make!!! 😀 AND I hate being late too!!! It is definitely one of my pet peeves. 🙂

    Your fruit bowl looks fabulous! 😀
    Ummm, sundried tomatoes are ok. They are a little hard for me to bite into though.


  2. Sophia I’m totally lovin that breakfast bowl you got there! 🙂 ineed to switch up my smoothies in the mornin and have some grains!

  3. Ellie says:

    This was fun! hehehe~we have several thinngs in common. To start, we both love green and I love the green dress you have on : DDD We’re both around 5’2″, and we both hate showering! ahhaha…niiiice never thought I’d know anyone else like that. But I AM thankful for it and SOMETIMES like it. Oh, and I love sundried tomatoes. Mmmm

  4. Such a cute pic of you and your mom! Actually all the pics are cute!! I agree with the lettuce thing–broccoli slaw rules 🙂

  5. vixter2010 says:

    Live the ABC idea. I’m not a fan of lettuce either and drown it in Mayo but i do like broccoli 🙂 love the quote from The Hangover, such a funny film!

  6. Katy says:

    I also hate showering! Seriously, it is so annoying, but I do love the feeling of being clean. Haha.

    That cereal bowl looks AMAZING. I’m so jealous right now! Haha! Your love of peppers has made me think I’m missing out. I’m like seriously terrified of them, and always pick them out of everything… but I don’t actually know what they taste like. Maybe I’ll get brave one of these days… I’ll take a picture of me tasting them! Haha! I wish we lived closer, you and your sister seem so fun!

  7. I love sundried tomatoes, well any thing like that really. Artichoke hearts, olives, feta cheese- all yum! They make any boring slad really tasty!

  8. alex says:

    i am 5’2″also….we shorties have to stay together:D lol

  9. I get anxiety being late too. I hate it. Even if it’s just for a minute ya know? I’m also glad someone else has no music ability, because my whole family does (my dad even got into Julliard) and I have nothing-not one ounce.

  10. ya know, I’m still learning to like tomatoes, but I LOVE sundried ‘maters… especially on sandwiches and wraps! yuuummm.

    your cereal bowl is right up my alley. 😉

  11. Lions are my favorite! I hate not being on time (aka early) and I get anxious if I think I’m going to be late, too! 😀

  12. I’m the same height as you! I like being a shortie. I’m curious about your bad experience with lettuce.

  13. Kayla says:

    It’s so fun learning more about you! 🙂

    I love sundried tomatoes, I barely ever eat them though, 😦

  14. kitkat1126 says:

    haha I love that you put showering as a chore! 🙂

  15. Sun-dried tomatoes are so good–especially on pizza! 🙂 I’m going to do the ABC things too–so fun! 🙂

  16. I did the ABC thing today for tonights post too 🙂
    I actually hate showering too – oh and shaving. SUCH a hassle. haha

  17. mmm your fruit bowl looks sooo good! i don’t think there is anything better than margaritas and girl time!

  18. I have to admit, I’m curious about the horrible experience with lettuce…

    I don’t know why, but I always love it when younger siblings are taller. At 5’8, I’m taller than both my older sisters, but my younger sister is taller than me (it helps that she’s 5’11)… I’m not sure why that’s always appealed to me, but it has. Maybe it’s the process of growing up with an older sibling and finally catching up to them in height. Who knows. Good stuff, though! 🙂

  19. I love actually being in the shower, but I also hate dealing with my hair after!!

  20. mmmstories says:

    I hate showering in the winter! Between the hair and the cold – I’d rather just not. haha

    The pomegranate seeds look delish in the fruit bowl and I’m also the same way about eating my least favorite food first to get it out of the way – but the broccoli would be teh food I love, even though I usually prefer it cooked.

  21. Jenny says:

    Coffee addiction? Check. Silver lover? Check. Bad driver pet peeve? Check. Yup lots of things in common 😀 Love that breakfast btw!

  22. Meri says:

    I looove sun dried tomatoes. In fact, I just saw a recipe for oven dried ones and once tomatoes start getting a little more in season (super cheap) I’m going to attempt it!

  23. great idea! I haven’t seen the ABCs anywhere before

  24. Kat says:

    I totally just did the ABCs on my blog today, we have that in common! 🙂

  25. Ooohhh, bad drivers, good one! I totally should put that one as one of mine! 🙂

  26. Lisa says:

    Great list! It’s fun to learn more about you.
    Totally yay on the sundried tomatoes!

  27. runyogarepeat says:

    I’m so excited to get a dog once I move into a dog-friendly apartment! I’m not a big lettuce fan either – spinach or mixed greens are so much better.

  28. DON’T even get me started on bad drivers. My business is in-home personal training so I am on the road all day, and I have zero tolerance!

    That fruit paradise bowl you have going on looks so refreshing!

  29. Sun-dried-NO-matoes? I’ll pass. bahaha! I’m a brat!

    You’re my height! ❤ and green is totally one of my fav colors ,3

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