Versatile Blogger Award

You know what feels great? Knowing that I have another day off tomorrow! Even though the weather is so gloomy today, I’m going to stay positive and upbeat. Now onto business…

I’m so honored to receive the Versatile Blogger Award from Colleen, a healthy living blogger who always has something fun to say. She’s so real, and one of those bloggers who I know I’d be friends with if we actually met! Thank so much Colleen!

So, to display this award, here are the rules:

  • Write a post like this: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog
  • Tell your readers seven facts about you
  • Award recently discovered bloggers with the prize.
  • Contact the winners.

Here goes nothing…

1. I am super competitive when it comes to sports. Ever play knock out? I’ll be the person who will take my basketball and hit yours in the opposite direction when it comes toward me. I love to win, and I will do everything in my power to make it happen! I played volleyball and basketball in high school, so don’t like my small size fool you. I’m one feisty girl!
2. I want a real lightsaber. I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was a little kid, and it’s not something that I hide. I’m proud of my obsession, and I really don’t care if people think it’s weird. I read the books, I can quote all the movies and I had posters and pictures on my bedroom walls as a kid. Star Wars rocks!


3. I had horrible problems with girls in junior high. I was friends with the “popular girls” in middle school, and needless to say, I thought I was one cool girl. But things don’t stay perfect for long. One day they decided to turn against me, and pretty much make seventh grade hell for me. They called me names, they threw candy at me, they prank called me, they spread rumors about me; it was horrible. Luckily, I was able to meet true friends after that, and I’ve learned that no matter what, stay true to yourself because girls can be vicious.

4. I was named after my grandmother, and there are three Sophias in our family. It’s Greek tradition to name your children after their grandparents, but most of the time, the firstborn is named after someone in the dad’s family. But my dad was so sure that I was going to be a boy, he told my mom that if I ended up being a girl, she could name me after her mom. Low and behold, I was born and they had to name me Sophia. My dad’s parents were pretty much furious, but thankfully, my little sister and brother got both of their names.

5. I want my own library one day, or at least a couple massive bookcases. I have over 100 books that I’ve bought throughout my life, and I’m not stopping any time soon. The problem is that it’s hard to find space for all my books, so the one thing I want when I get my own place is a room or a little area to house my literature. In a perfect world, it would look like the library the Beast gives Belle in Beauty and the Beast, but I doubt that’ll happen.
6. I still crave Pepsi every once in a while. Since I was allowed to drink pop, and up until senior year of high school, I drank at least 2-3 cans of Pepsi a day. I don’t know what it was about the drink that I liked so much, but I would literally chug it and always make the “ahhh” noise after my first gulp. In college, I told myself I needed to quit drinking Pepsi, since I wasn’t playing sports anymore, and I’ve been pretty good since then. I do sometimes get random cravings for it, and sometimes I just have to have some.

7. Wuthering Heights is my favorite book. I read it every summer, and it never ceases to amaze me. Now I know that there are tons of people who hate the book, despise the characters and think it’s completely over-rated, and I disagree with them wholeheartedly. This book is one-of-a-kind, it’s so well-written and you can’t help but admit that these two horrible human beings belong with each other. Read this book!

Thanks again Colleen for giving me this! Now I’m going to pass it on to 3 fabulous bloggers:

Jenny from Fit Girl Foodie
Autumn from Good Eats Girl
Lauren from Hungry Dancer

Now tell me a random fact about you!

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32 Responses to Versatile Blogger Award

  1. oh my gosh how horrible about those girls!! so immature- and glad Middle School is OVER! ahah.. random fact… i hate drinking coffee

  2. congrats on your award! ❤ too hilarious that you want a lightsaber! I'm uber competitive too — though i'm certain you'd beat me! hahaha

  3. I love the story behind your name. Good stuff!

    And I LOVE Beauty and the Beast! The library scene is so precious. 🙂

  4. Olivia says:

    We have one Sophia in my family; it’s seriously my favorite name ever!! I’m not even exaggerating. hah! I’m super competitve with sports too and love that you want a lightsaber;)

  5. Jenny says:

    Awww thanks for the award!! I feel so honored 🙂
    Random fact: I am a ballet dancer graduate

  6. BAHAHA. I love that you talked about how competitive you are. I’m also so competitive in everything. A small problem I have.

  7. That’s SO mean of those girls!! Exactly- you’re amazing girl and it’s great that you stayed true to yourself 🙂

    And Wuthering Heights is AWESOME!! TOTALLY with you there! 😀

  8. That’s totally me with knock-out!! We would have a super competitive fun game against eachother!! 🙂

  9. girls were soo mean in middle school/ high school soo glad to be done with that! Congrats on your award, love your blog!

  10. timkeen40 says:

    Who wouldn’t love a real light saber.

  11. Meri says:

    Congrats on the award!
    Maybe you could have used the light saber during junior high? haha

  12. Awww…thanks, Sophia!!

    I love the story of your name!

    Girls are so mean in middle school and high school. ugh!

  13. Ok girl. I have a confession to make. I was obsessed when I was younger with Star Wars too!!! And I must say I still love it! 🙂 I want a real lightsaber too! 😀 That would be SO awesome! 🙂

  14. 3 Sophia’s in one family! You know that is one of my fav names. It was on the top of my list for baby names 🙂

    Being super competitive is not a bad thing. You will probably be very successful in life!

    Happy Sunday!

  15. Kristina says:

    ugh-some girls are the worst! Congrats on the award, have a great rest of your wknd!

  16. I had a lot of problems with girls in middle school AND high school. I never knew why girls were such haters…

    I love your name, Sophia! It’s an honor to be named after someone else in your family 🙂

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow… I’m back to work..

  17. Thanks for honoring me with this!!! I posted about it on my blog!!

  18. Gina says:

    Stupid girls. I’m so over the people I went to middle & high school with. Wayyy too fake for me!

    P.S- Love the lightsaber fact! 🙂

  19. Ah my jr high was pretty brutal! Glad those days are over, haha.

    Random fact: I have never seen star wars!

  20. Katy says:

    OMG, I hated popular middle school girls, because they were SO MEAN. Just awful.

    I also want Belle’s library! I love reading! SO much! 🙂

  21. Angela says:

    That is so funny about the names! I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time…but a good story to tell. 🙂

  22. quirkyrunner says:

    I just had a flashback of “Mean Girls”…..girls can be awful! I used to hang around in the “Misfit” group at school. Well that’s what the popular gals called us! They were the nicest, most interesting people and we had great fun! beats standing in front of a mirror applying makeup and gossiping about other people :0)

  23. vixter2010 says:

    I’m exactly the same with books, I keep all my faves and want a huge book shelf to show them off one day, I also love Beauty & Beast! 🙂

  24. alex says:

    my favorite book is “War of the Worlds” I freakin’ love it!

  25. Love this! I totally think we’d friends if we actually met, too! 🙂 I had no idea you were a Star Wars fan! Don’t hate me, but I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie!

  26. Kat says:

    I am SUPER competitive. Like I will take my hubby DOWN if we are playing a game, no mercy from me! My family plays flag football on turkey day and it always end up being tackle. It is so fun, plus it gives me an excuse to tackle my little brother 😉 Love ya girl!

  27. Congratulations on the award! I really like Wuthering Heights too, but I’m pretty much a huge book nerd.

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