It Feels Like Sunday

…and it’s only Saturday! Having a day of off work was amazing yesterday! I got a ton of errands done, and I completed my workout in the morning. Plus, I improved my 5K time to 28:21!! I’m hoping I can do something similar to this when I actually run a real race.

I ended up going out last night to a bar with Paul and some of his friends. I figured that some of the other girlfriends would be coming, too. That wasn’t the case. I was the only gal there, which isn’t really a problem, but it’s nice to have a girlfriend to talk to and go to the bathroom with!

Speaking of the bathroom, this was written inside one of the stalls. I had to snap a picture:

It reminded me of an Operation Beautiful note! The first bar we went to last night was jam-packed. That’s because it was $20 for open bar and a food buffet from 7-11 p.m. We got there at 8 and it was already body to body. We ended up going to another bar around 11, and getting some late night pizza. Such a mistake.

About to blend

Since I had so much free time yesterday morning, I made a smoothie. It wasn’t stellar, but still drinkable.

Gray Monster Smoothie:


  • 2 handfuls Italian Salad mix
  • 1/2 C. almond milk
  • 1 spoonful fat-free Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 C. chopped apple slices
  • 1/4 C. blueberries
  • 1 tsp. cacao powder
  • ice


Place salad mix in blender first. Then the rest of the ingredients, and blend until smooth. Pour into glass and enjoy!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend!

Are your smoothies ever gray? Have you ever seen a random positive note anywhere?

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38 Responses to It Feels Like Sunday

  1. Olivia says:

    I had a grayish smoothie once, when I added a bit too much spinach to it. Spinach and blueberries tend to give smoothies the most awful of colors! Hah! Great job on your 5k time though, I bet you’ll run even faster in an actual race (everyone almost always does!). Keep up that great improvement!

  2. I haven’t had a gray smoothie before – I never put any spinach in mine but I really should start!
    Were you running on a treadmill with that pace? You will run faster in your real race!!

  3. That totally does sound like an operation beautiful note! I love it šŸ™‚ Wow $20 for open bar/food?! that sounds ridic (in a good way!). Ive never made a smoothie that turned out gray but its prob cuz I usually dont mix blueberries with greens. Taste is all that matters though šŸ™‚ Have a great day!!

  4. ahahh my smoothies are all RANDOM colors- its nasty!.. that note is AWESOME!!! those notes seriously do put a smile to my face and make my days that much better!

  5. Ellie says:

    Haha! This morning I woke up thinking, “Is it Monday? How come I’m getting up later than usual? Do I have work today…?” So odd when that happens šŸ˜› have a beautiful blessed Saturday Miss Sophia ā¤

  6. quirkyrunner says:

    Awwww……that note is so nice! I love the idea between operation beautiful…maybe there’s an operation love out there! Good work on improving your running time – I love it when you can see progress šŸ™‚ I also love it when it’s saturday and not sunday! šŸ™‚

  7. alex says:

    I love that someone wrote that on the stall. and what was even better was that someone else commented on it šŸ™‚

  8. Colleen says:

    I felt like today was Sunday, too! I’ve never had a a smoothie turn out gray, but I have seen random positive notes in public. I just love them šŸ™‚

  9. Katy says:

    It reminds me of an Operation Beautiful note as well! šŸ™‚ A gray smoothie, huh. Interesting!

  10. vixter2010 says:

    Always nice to see a positive note – on the tube here you mostly see rude drawings! šŸ™‚

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  12. I think it felt like Sunday today too! I don’t know why, maybe because it was so cold ah. With road races, your adrenaline gets pumpin girl you will most def improve your time. šŸ™‚

  13. Jenny says:

    I’ve never had a grey shake but that one looks delicious. Sounds like a super fun you day šŸ™‚

  14. Gina says:

    Haha smoothies are very unpredictable! I’ve had mine in an array of colors, but they’re always delicious šŸ™‚

  15. Lisa says:

    I haven’t seen positive notes like that—but maybe that’s a hint that I should write some (although I’m not much into vandalizing!).

    I’ve made some pretty ugly smoothies, and gray has happened occasionally šŸ™‚

    Don’t you just love days off?!?! Glad you enjoyed yours even if late night pizza was a mistake…

  16. COol note in the stall soph! Glad that I could be there for you this weekend šŸ˜‰ missed you babe! 2 more weeks and I’m in schools ahhh šŸ™‚

  17. Those aren’t the kind of notes I see inside bathroom stalls! I’ve never found a kind note anywhere. Maybe I need to start leaving some.

  18. great job on the run, girl!!

    haha…if you must know, i am a blogging failure: i almost never make smoothies. i’d much rather eat those ingredients than blend them together, know what i’m sayin?

  19. No, I’ve never had a grey smoothie before. Mine are usually green. šŸ™‚

    Great job on your run girlie! šŸ˜€

  20. I haven’t seen positive notes around recently… But I’m thinking dorm bathrooms are a great place to put some up so I may have to go on a rampage soon šŸ˜‰
    that one you found is lovely! šŸ™‚ and i think your smoothie looks delicious regardless of color šŸ˜‰ color-blind smoothie love! ā¤ haha

  21. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    Congrats on improving your 5K time!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    I’ve never seen something like that written but I hear about it all the time!

    Maybe try fresh spinach instead of italian mix into your smoothie??? A lot of times I expect to get a bright green smoothie then come out with something totally different haha

    Happy Sunday!

  22. Ah, that extra day feeling is so great!! šŸ™‚ My smoothies are all sorts of crazy colors!

  23. my smoothies are grey all the time! It happens whenever I use blueberries! I’ve never seen a random positive note, but I love the whole operation beautiful movement!

  24. myhighonlife says:

    I found a nice random message at a bar Friday night too… It’s weird that a bar seems a good place to write it but I snapped a picture anyways.
    “enjoy this day 4 it only comes once & will never come again”

    Great 5k!!

  25. Yeah, for me the spinach and blueberry combo can create a bluish-gray smoothie!

    Awesome job on your 5k time!! Have you already signed up for your first race yet?

  26. runyogarepeat says:

    Your first race will be awesome and probably faster – the adrenaline rush does wonders for your speed!
    I agree with having girls to talk to while out, and last night was one of the first times when my boyfriend was the only guy at the bar with us!

  27. Grey shake? I have to admit it doesn’t look appetizing, but then I used to think that about green monster’s so I’d be up for it! šŸ™‚

  28. I went to a really stuck-up high school where I never seen nice notes written on the bathroom wall. They were all like, this person is a slut, this girl is pregnant, I hate my life…. blahblahblah. But I hope I see a nice note someday! Maybe I’ll leave one myself.


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