Scrambled Egg Whites with Veggies and Cheese

I woke up this morning with a huge smile on my face, and hunger in my belly. I had a ton of fun going out with my friends, though I probably shouldn’t have chowed down on pizza after the bar. I guess I can’t get rid of the college girl in me completely 🙂

Horrible, I know. For breakfast I made scrambled egg whites with green bell pepper, spinach, tomatoes and feta.

2 egg whites

No yolks for me today!

Delicious combination of goodness!

Okay, so the truth is that originally I wanted this to be an omelet. But the flipping just wasn’t happening.

Here is the moment that my flipping skills were put to the test. FAIL.


For some reason I put the breakfast in a huge bowl, so the meal looks tiny. Just know that it really wasn’t this small.

The finished product

While this breakfast would have been much better with some gooey egg yolks, I was happy that I didn’t use them. I ate a ton on Friday and Saturday, and I wanted to eat something filling without a ton of fat this morning.

Also, I received my giveaway dress from Alyssa on Saturday. It’s beautiful!! I’ll try to put up some pictures with me in it this week. Thank you so much Alyssa!!

How was your breakfast this morning? Ever have a late-night pizza and regret it the next morning? How was your weekend?

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12 Responses to Scrambled Egg Whites with Veggies and Cheese

  1. Katy says:

    Never regret pizza. As long as it’s not a daily occurance! You have to treat yourself every so often. 🙂 Especially during a football game! 🙂

  2. I cannot. make. an. omlette.

    It’s impossible! I havent successfully made one since my junior year of college. haha

    drunk pizza is the BEST<3

  3. um. and I obv cannot spell either

  4. Yep! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. 🙂 I had yet another pizzert. 🙂 I must be going crazy or something… 😉

  5. that omeletter looks great! very cleanly made if you know what i mean! and colorful!

  6. Stefanie says:

    Nothing wrong with a little pizza! Although, I have def. regretted the amount of pizza I ate the next morning! 😉

  7. alex says:

    pizza is amazing. I only regret it if I eat 5 slices.

  8. i had a big bowl of oatmeal- as usual!! dont worry about the pizza!.. i personally HATE HATE pizza… so i wouldn’t but i indulge in other things!

  9. I LOVE PB cookies with the chocolate kisses! Reminds me of my grandma! : )
    And I have TOTALLY had the late night pizza that I’ve regretted the next day. Sounds like LOTS of Friday and Saturday nights when I was in college. Ugh! Good thing those days are over! : )

  10. I always eat late night pizza… It never fails! I love it though 🙂 I’ve only regretted it when I wake up next to a box that’s empty….um…. haha

    I’m so glad you got the dress!!!

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