And So It Ends…

The Bears game was a huge disappointment. It just started off terribly, and continued to worsen. Aaron Rodgers threw all over us, and scored a touchdown during the first drive. Jay Cutler couldn’t get the offense going. He overthrew Hester a couple times, and they couldn’t get Olsen or Knox really involved either.

I’ll admit that some of the refs calls were questionable, but it all comes down to the fact that the Pack outplayed us. The defense was tough, especially Urlacher, but they couldn’t do everything. But Urlacher should not have been tackled by Rodgers after that interception. Unacceptable. And then there’s Cutler’s knee injury. I want to believe him, I really do, but part of me has doubts. The coaching staff didn’t make a clear-cut announcement that Cutler was out. That led to much warranted speculation.

Why? Because this is the NFC Championship. If you can stand on the sideline, then you can play (from a fan’s perspective). As much as I HATE Favre, he has always been a competitor. He’d be on the field no matter what if he was in this position.

I thought/think Cutler is a competitor. He’s super tough and has gotten slammed many times this season. He plays with Type 1 Diabetes and he’s got major swag. I’m predicting that his MRI results will show a semi-serious knee problem. Then we’ll know that he didn’t wuss out, and we can hope that it won’t need surgery.

Also, Collins should not have been the #2 QB on the depth chart. He threw FOUR interceptions in one game this season. He’s such a frail flower, I thought the wind would blow him over. Well, he didn’t last long, but it was long enough for the 3rd quarter to be waste.

Now onto Hanie. He actually did decent. Even though he had two picks, he seemed to hold his own. He stepped up into the pocket when he was under pressure, something that Cutler never does. He also didn’t have a problem with throwing the ball away when he couldn’t find anyone open. Cutler just tries to force it, which usually leads to an interception. I was pretty pissed that Hanie got called for intentional grounding. There were two receivers in the area. Bad call refs.

The worst call wasn’t made by a ref though. It was by Lovie Smith, the Bears coach. On the most important third down of the season, Lovie burned a timeout, when it was clear that we would have gotten a first down. The play had already started and Forte was just about to pass the marker.

So you’d think that after a nice and long timeout, we’d come out with a surefire first down play. Of course not. They did a reverse to Bennett (a wide receiver?!?) and he was stopped short. Onto fourth down. Hanie forces it and the Pack capitalize on his error, intercepting it. Game over.

If you watch Jersey Shore, cue in Snookie’s “wahhh.” That’s how I feel right now. There were so many problems with this game, and I don’t know how optimistic I can be about next season. The defense will be another year older, we have a terrible draft pick number, the O-line still has a ton of problems and we absolutely need a tall wide receiver. Plus, the fans are more than pissed at Cutler.

Sorry for the rant. I’m a crazy fan, and I hate being disappointed, especially like this. Now I just have to cheer for the Steelers. Go Rashard!

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3 Responses to And So It Ends…

  1. Katy says:

    I’m sorry about the loss! I also HATE Favre, if it makes you feel better. I used to like him before he started all this diva crap in the past few years. I have no respect for him anymore. I kinda think it would be hilarious if the Packers won in Favre’s last season.

    IF it is his last season. Ugh.

  2. Go rashard is right! I hate the dang packs, ruined my day!

  3. Stefanie says:

    You are so knowledgeable about football! You would fit in perfectly with my family! While I may not be a super fan, I’m still sad to see them lose!

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