Some Good Old Fashioned Soreness…

And not in my knee! My shoulders and triceps were feeling the burn when I woke up this morning, and it made me smile a bit. I hope this workout stays on Comcast for another couple weeks. Definitely want to try it out again. But since I was pretty sore, I decided to focus on my abs today. While I’m a healthy weight, and decently fit (when I’m not injured!), my abs are not my strong-point. Actually, they’re really weak. I went online to find some ab exercises that didn’t involve me squatting, or injuring my knees too much, and this what I came up with:

Pilates 100s – 100 reps
Elbows Plank – 1 minute
Seated Russian Twist – 25 full rotations
Twisting Side Planks – 10 on each side
Bicycle Crunches – 50 reps

I did this circuit twice, and then called it a day. Told you my abs are weak! I’m getting kind of excited that my knees are starting to feel better, and I’m hoping to get a small elliptical workout on Saturday morning. I think I’m going out for a friend’s birthday after work on Friday, so no time for exercise then.


Breakfast plate on January 19

All-natural peanut butter and apple slices on a honey wheat English muffin made up the majority of my breakfast this morning.

I ate the rest of the apple slices with some juicy melon, too.

Stuffed! Just the way I like it!

This breakfast was satisfying, but it left my stomach grumbling around 10:30. Usually, I have my mid-morning snack at 11 or 11:30, but I couldn’t tough it out today. Instead, I had some Fage Greek yogurt with blueberries. Yum!

I went out for lunch with one my old co-workers from the National Hellenic Museum. We went to Subway, and I had a 6-inch oven roasted chicken breast sandwich on the wheat bread, topped with tomatoes, cucumbes, green peppers, banana peppers and olives. Pretty good!

This was the last time I’ll see my friend for a while. He’s actually moving to Turkey (the country!) on Monday, and he has no idea when he’ll come back. While he’s there, he’s either going to work as an English language teacher or for the Patriarchate (the head of the Greek Orthodox Church) as a translator. Pretty cool!

I wish I had the courage to just get up and leave, and do something adventurous. My friend doesn’t even have an apartment in Turkey yet. He plans to stay with a friend for a day or two, and then basically just find a place to live. I admire anyone who can pack their bags like that, and leave. He’s also going to be starting a travel blog soon, too. He’s been to so many amazing places all over the world already, and I think it’ll be great for him to be able to share his pictures.

A random photo I snapped today because the moon was so huge.

One more amazing tidbit! The Dark Knight Rises information has been released.

Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy will be playing Bane and Anne Hathaway will play Selena Kyle (she becomes Catwoman). I’ll try to write a post sometime this weekend on my thoughts regarding these choices.

Do you do ab exercises regularly? What’s your favorite? Peanut butter for breakfast…yay or nay? What do you think about the villain choice of Bane? I thought Hugo Strange was a better choice, but more of that later 🙂

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37 Responses to Some Good Old Fashioned Soreness…

  1. Katy says:

    You should come live in Florida! We could work out together and eat healthy food, and you could teach me Greek! 🙂 Hehe

    What is a twisting side plank? That sound intruiging… and I seem to be a glutton for punishment when it comes to planks lately.

  2. I love my ab ball! I’ll hold it between my ankles and do reaching sit ups and OMG BURN!

    glad your knee isn’t hurting today! ❤

  3. Great Ab exercises! I would of recommended them myself!!! I LOVE Comcast On Demand!!! Before I was preggo I would do a lot of their pilates and yoga workouts on there. The Ab workouts are good too. Exercise TV, hells yah!

    You’re very welcome for the knee advice. Glad to hear you’re resting it!! If you need any other exercise ideas I have an ENTIRE page on my blog with all my exercise posts. Fun exercises. Core is my fav to work, so you will find a lot of core-oriented workouts.

    i often add all natural peanut butter or raw almond butter to my oats in the AM 🙂

  4. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with ab exercises! Bicycle crunches are my enemy….I can never seem to get them right!

  5. alex says:

    I really wanted Harley Quinn to be the villian but this will have to do!

  6. I’ve been doing ab exercises recently but I never used to focus on them! A good one to try on Exercise TV is the 10 minute core sculpt (pilates). I’m always sore after!

    ALWAYS put PB in my breakfast…and every other meal haha

  7. I love peanut butter in the morning! (in fact, I just had some this morning 🙂 ) My favorite exercises for my abs are pilates! They are amazing! 🙂

  8. Katy says:

    I get back in March. 🙂 And you should totally come hang out-I mean work out- with me! I wanna do the Princess half marathon so bad. And I think I will next year. I love Disney so much!!

  9. Soph- I think Anne Hathaway is perceived as litte to sweet to play my favorite comic book character Cat women, but maybe she will prove me wrong as an actress I see her as the girl next store who is sweet and innocent not a kick ass women. I hope she does agood job because I like her as an actress.

  10. timkeen40 says:

    It is funny that I should find this blog. I am a little older than you and have found it necessary to start something of an excerize routine. Your routine dizzies me a bit, but just reading it gives me a little lift.

  11. Maryann says:

    I always save abs for the end of my workouts, and that means by that point im usually to lazy to actually do them! Lately I’ve just been doing them once or twice a week in body pump but I should be doing them more, theyre my favorite exercise after all 🙂

    Definite yay for PB in the morning! Or else I don’t feel full!

  12. Great abs-I do similar ones…i’m all about variety 10-20 reps of around 10 dif exercises and i’m constantly switching them up-burn baby burn!!!!

  13. pb for breakfast? is that even a question? OF COURSE YAY!1 i love ab workouts- probs my fav kind.. i like doing planks and various crunches!

  14. Sruthi says:

    I do ab exercises 3 times a week, my favorite is half up twist.

  15. I love peanut butter for breakfast. I pretty much have it every morning. I admit that I don’t do a lot of ab exercises, but I really should.

  16. The apple and PB sandwich looks really good. I’ve never really done it that way but might consider it soon.

  17. Isn’t that post-workout pain the best? I mean, it hurts and all….but I think I associate it with “progress” so I always kinda like it a little : )

  18. grace says:

    well that’s something i def haven’t tried before! would love to learn more about food and what goes w/what…i would have never thought to put that together!

  19. I tend to do abs a couple times a week, and just burn them out and let them rest for a few days. I have no clue if that’s a good way to do it (even though I should know!)…but it works for me!

    I love breakfast sandwiches too! I try not to eat heavy stuff in the morning, so peanut butter wouldn’t fit for me—then I still want to eat a few hours later even though I’m not hungry.

  20. I always try to do some ab work after cardio–because my core needs some strengthening too! And planks are my favorite!! 🙂

  21. keribop says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with ab exercises. Sometimes it’s “WHEEE 150 crunches!” and other times it’s “NO, no side planks!” Hahaha. And I’m a firm believer in PB for breakfast….then again, PB at any time during the day is acceptable also.

    I completely agree with you about the travel thing… your friend definitely gets props for being able to just get up and go!

  22. omg I get the SAME sandwich from Subway when I go! But I get japalenos instead of banana peppers! That’s funny. Tom Hardy is a Hottie! Your breakfast looks so gooood.

  23. Kat says:

    My fav ab move would probably be bicycles, simply because they work EVERYTHING! I love it! And I am a total YAY for peanut butter with breakfast. You seriously cant go wrong with that!

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