Snack Plate

This weekend was full of snacks, like this plate that I put together on Saturday. I toasted two pieces of wheat bread, and cut up some cherry tomatoes and zucchini. Then I added a 100-calorie pack of cheese curds, and made little sandwiches to eat with everything. So delicious!


I ended up going out to a bar on Saturday night, so I was glad to have something in my stomach before the drinking began. We ended up going to a new place called The Snuggery. It was a pretty cool place. Not only was it huge, but it was filled with a bunch of rooms that had their own bars. And a bar with a coat check gets extra points in my book. Since it’s only 10 minutes away from my house, I might see if some of my girlfriends want to try it out for Girls Night.

My yummy snack for today was this little guy here:

Granola Thin

Nature Valley Granola Thins in dark chocolate are a must-buy! Here’s what the Web site says about them: “Nature Valley® Granola Thins are delicate squares of granola with a unique, delightfully crispy texture. Each thin is paired with a delicious melt-in-your-mouth Dark Chocolate flavor.  Granola Thins are 100 percent natural, individually packaged and, at 80 calories per square, a perfect pick-me-up you can feel good about eating.” You can also try them in peanut butter.


Tonight’s going to be another sort-of Girls Night. After hitting the mall with Paul this afternoon to finally return some of mine and his Christmas presents that didn’t fit, I’m going to spend the night with my friend Ana. Oh, and I think I spent a little too much at Express and Nordstrom. But at least I had a ton of gift cards so it didn’t cost as much as it should.

Have you ever tried these granola thins before? Do you ever make snack plates? What was in them?

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5 Responses to Snack Plate

  1. I gave you the stylish blogger award on my blog!

  2. I have never had those granola thins before – haven’t seen them in the stores yet.

    In regard to your comment on my blog, I seasoned the scrambled eggs with salt, pepper and parsley.

  3. Ive never tried those granola bars before but they look yummy! I snack all day long 🙂 I love making snack plates made of veggies with salsa/hummus/laughing cow to dip! Also gotta love my yogurt bowls and sweet potato with cottage cheese!

    The snuggery sounds like so much fun!!

  4. I LOVE those granola thins! such a delish little treat!

  5. oh no i have not tried those little thins! they look pretty good! my snack plates always include TONS of veggies!

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