Bridesmaid Fun

This weekend zoomed by, but I was able to run a ton of errands done while sneaking in a few workouts. Instead of going out in the snow on Friday, Paul and I stayed in and watched The Town. Really, really good. I’d highly recommend it! Ben Affleck does a great job acting, as well as directing this film.


Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

I woke up nice and early on Saturday to get a couple errands done before I met up with the bride and the other bridesmaids. Finally, I got my eyebrows done, but I think she made them a little too thin. 😦 Oh well, I’ll just have to grow them out.

The drive down to Schaumburg only took 30 minutes since there wasn’t any traffic, so I ended up getting to House of Brides 15 minutes early. The place is huge! I’d never been to a bridal store before, so it was kind of interesting to see all the wedding dresses, photographers, etc.

The two other bridesmaids also got there before the bride, and they were both really nice. I feel a lot better now that I know two other members of the bridal party. The only reason I’m in the wedding is because I’m dating Paul (the groom’s younger brother). Once the bride got there she basically just had us go through dresses and pick ones out that we liked.

I’ve heard from many, many people that a bride being this nice and understanding regarding bridesmaid dresses is rare. She’s pretty much allowing us to pick the dress, just as long as she likes it too. Pretty awesome. Here’s a picture of the one that looked the best on all 3 bridesmaids:

Dress #1


If she does go with this dress, it will be in a chocolate brown color. After we spent a good hour going through dresses, we went to Bahama Breeze for drinks and food. Mai Tais are amazing!! We also got the coconut shrimp, spinach dip, tomato flatbread and chicken tostadas. The food was definitely above average, and I could have eaten all the shrimp myself.

Then we headed to Demetrios, another bridal store. You’re not supposed to take photos of any of the dresses, but I tried to sneak one in. It’s so blurry though! Sorry!

Dress #2

It’s purple, and has one strap that kind of twists. It was also very flattering for all of us. Personally, I prefer the first dress. It just seems more elegant and has a silk-like fabric that I really like. Either way though, at least I know that the dress will look pretty good on me. I was really afraid that we were going to pick something that just wouldn’t work with my boobs (lol)! But, the two other bridesmaids are also pretty busty.

The entire experience at the two bridal stores was great. The bride was so sweet, and she really wanted to make everyone happy. I’m really excited that my first bridesmaid experience is going really well so far. Plus, they also mentioned the possibility of going to South Beach for the bachelorette party. I’m going to start saving now!

Did you like The Town? Which bridesmaid dress do you prefer?

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One Response to Bridesmaid Fun

  1. Katy says:

    I love the purple one. But then again. I love anything purple!! They are both very pretty gowns.

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