The End is Near

As slow as the beginning of the week was, today just zoomed by. That’s probably because work was crazy busy all day long. That’s fine with me, just as long as I can get everything done. Tomorrow we’re going out for burgers and beer, and I can’t wait! I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a good burger.


My workout today wasn’t as challenging as it probably should have been. I only did 30 minutes on the elliptical plus my arms workout. I think I’m going to try to come up with a new, more challenging workout that focuses more on my triceps. Any suggestions would be great! This weekend is going to be pretty busy, but I’m going to try to get 5 miles done on the treadmill on Sunday. If I can get something small in either tomorrow or Saturday, I’ll be very happy.


My lunch was beyond delicious today, and that’s because of two special things: zucchini and salami. No, I didn’t put them together (gross!), but I did add zucchini to my salad and salami to a small wrap.

Everything + Zucchini Salad

Though you probably can’t tell from this picture, this salad was massive. It actually took me a full 20 minutes to eat. By the way, if anyone has any tips for taking good pictures of salads, I’d love to hear them.

So, my salad consisted of a bed of spinach leaves, a full chopped green bell pepper, 5 chopped cherry tomatoes, a bunch of green olives, feta, crushed walnuts and…chopped zucchini! I’ve never tried zucchini raw before, but I’m seriously hooked now. As much as I love cucumbers, zucchini is becoming a rising star in my book.

Lunch on January 6

I also used up the rest of my Swiss cheese to make a salami and cheese tortilla. It was nice to make a change from the bagel thin. I snacked on an apple in the late morning too.

My other treat was bring two new snacks to work. I already keep a stash of granola bars, but I wanted to add some other treats to my snack cubby.

Crum's Revenge Veggie Medley Crisps

WARNING: These potato chips are not very good for you. But every once in a while, I crave something salty. So in moderation, I don’t think they’ll hurt too much.

Dried Plums

Okay, now don’t laugh at me about this. I saw these little babies at the grocery a couple days ago. I love plums, and I remembered reading in a magazine that as dried fruits, they are really good for you. I tried a couple, and they were really juicy (even though they’re dry!), so I brought them to work.

I offered some to my co-workers to try and they also said they were tasty. But then one of them said that she thought that dried plums were prunes. I had no idea so I checked the back of the bag, and low and behold the only ingredient was dried organic prunes! What a trick! I didn’t care because they were pretty good, but I felt really duped. Nice marketing, no? Now, I’ve learned my lesson. Make sure to check the ingredients!

Now, it’s off to get some reading done. I haven’t read in a couple days, and I’m starting to crave some science fiction. Jersey Shore tonight! Time to fist-pump, too!

Does anyone have any good exercises for the triceps they’d recommend? Do you love or hate zucchini? Ever feel tricked by some type of food product?

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9 Responses to The End is Near

  1. Katy says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had prunes…. But I really don’t care for dried fruit, so it’s probably not up my alley…

    If you find a good tri workout, please post it! I’m also looking for a kick-butt one. 🙂

  2. maryannb5 says:

    Haha you are so cute! “I was tricked!” 🙂 I like dried plums/prunes too.
    The only exercise I know for triceps is the tricep press. Im sure if you check out youtube you could find lots of great ideas!

  3. Kat says:

    For tricpes I recommend chatarunga pushups!! Basically, its the same position as a chatarunga in yoga, but instead you do pushups. Keep your elbows in tight. They are HARD. Other than that I recommend tricep dips and skull crushers!!

  4. Ha! You were definitely tricked… I cant imagine prunes being good!? T-shirt tiiime!

  5. peasandcrayons says:

    at home, i like the skiier move. and at the gym I love the wire machine with the inappropriate looking rope and balls that you pull to work your triceps.. i dont know how to really explain what i’m talking about but im sure you know about both already! =)

    and YUMMMMMMMMMMMM Zucchini! I’ve been grilling it all week!

  6. THOSE ARE PRUNES? I tried those and they were good, I’ll buy us more tomorrow!

  7. Stefanie says:

    For triceps I usually do truck driver. You hold a dumbbell over your head in both hands and then lower and lift (behind your back). Or tricep dips. They can be done with a chair, a couch, anything really!

    I love zucchini–raw and roasted!

  8. i LOVE zucchini! ugh i hate all food products who have health claims, that are really bogus!

  9. alex says:

    you know the step boards that people use for the step classes??? well if you turn around and face the step board and put your arms on it and move yourself up and down….I usually get a wicked burn from that.

    I am so sorry if I made absolutely no sense.

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