Link Love

Lots of interesting stories on the Internet as the year winds down:

The Power List: 20 people who rocked science fiction and fantasy in 2010 – io9
What to drink to avoid a hangover – Health
Trendy Fitness: Popular Workouts of 2010 – Fit Sugar
The best scenes of 2010 – Salon
Top 50 Most Viral Posts of 2010 – Buzz Feed

Great blog posts that I enjoyed in the past week:

New Year’s Resolutions – Lots of resolution ideas from Peanut Butter Fingers
Zucchini Oven Chips! – These healthy snacks are delicious, courtesy of The Fitness Apple
Your Tips for Busting Out of An Athletic Rut – We all go through these periods, and there are tons of tips on Healthy Tipping Point
Month of Holiday Giveaways: Free Ice Cream for a Year! – The sandwich that Iowa Girl Eats cooks up makes my mouth water!
Young Adult Reading Challenge – YA is one my favorite genres to read, and Silly Little Mischief has a list full of ones that are perfect for the new year!

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2 Responses to Link Love

  1. Thanks for including my link! You really need to give that sandwich a try!!

  2. Thanks for the list—I’m going to check them out!

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