Avoiding the Sweets at Work

No matter where you are during the holidays, the tempting sweets always seem to be there. This is especially true at work. We’ve been receiving tons of gift baskets over the past couple weeks, and I’m not going to lie, the contents have looked pretty mouth-watering.

Table o' sweets!

We’ve got the typical three-flavored popcorn tub, cookies, chocolate and lots more. Also, some of my co-workers have been bringing in their own leftover sweets, like dark chocolate kisses. Totally enticing! The one thing that I did pig out on was the peanut brittle. It’s so hard to say no to so many sweet treats during the holidays, but I really don’t want to pack on the pounds.

So I make sure to let myself take a little nibble of the good stuff, but not chow down completely. Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way this holiday season:

1. If possible, don’t walk by the table. When I come in every day, I stroll right by all the sweets. But I do my best to avoid the area as much as I can throughout the day. I have to go by our little kitchen area for lunch, but at that point, I’m so hungry for a real meal, I don’t even want the desserts.

2. Pack yourself your own little treat, but make sure it’s still kind of healthy. If there’s something that you absolutely love to eat, snack on that instead. Fruit is my own type of candy, so I add some to my lunch daily. Other ideas are peanut butter on crackers, a pack of nuts or apples with caramel. Try a sweet snack, but one that’s worth it.

3. Don’t go to work hungry. I make sure to eat a full breakfast every morning, and one that is full of protein. Because of that, I usually don’t get hungry until at least 11, and then I’ll have my own snack. Good ideas for breakfast are Greek yogurt with toast, oatmeal or scrambled eggs.

4. Give yourself a break. You’re only human, and you’ll probably slip up a couple times. Just as long as you don’t eat the entire box of candy canes or all the cheese popcorn, it won’t kill you. Plus, if you’ve had an intense workout, you deserve a little bit of a treat.

How do you avoid the snack table during the holidays at work? I’d love any new tips!

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2 Responses to Avoiding the Sweets at Work

  1. alex says:

    I bring my own treats, simple as that! OR if I am craving one of their treats I only eat a 1/4! Fills my satisfication and I don’t end up eating 5 because I denied myself!

    I have also stayed at my desk all day and had no idea they even had treats! score!

  2. Linda says:

    I avoid all snacks til after lunch. If I start eating candy at 10am then I won’t be able to eat anything else! Usually lunch fills me up so I won’t want candy or it will be all gone!

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