Muk Lukin’

One of the most practical and most-used Christmas gift I’ve gotten so far has to be my new slippers, courtesy of my mother. My old slippers were worn down, dirty and not as warming as they should be. Thank goodness my mom wasn’t the only one who realized that. Instead of getting me the same slippers, which lasted me 2+ years, she bought the cutest slippers I’ve ever seen. Enter Muk Luks.

They look like boots!

The slippers reach all the way up to my knee, and they keep me way warmer than your typical ankle-length slippers. They’re also really comfortable. Even though they end high up on the leg, they’re not itchy. I was actually worried about that when I first saw them. Also, I think they’re pretty fashionable. They kind of look like outdoor boots made for the wilderness.

This shot took 3 tries!

The first time I tried taking this picture, I stumbled and ended up with a photo of the floor. The second time, I tumbled a little and ended up with a slightly blurry picture. I actually got the shot on the third try, but it got me thinking that this could be a pretty decent exercise. 🙂

Anyway, these slipper boots rock. They keep me ultra cozy, especially when I’m hanging out in my basement, which always seems to be more than a couple degrees colder than the rest of the house. Now, I’ll have to try out my Snuggie. Yep, my mom also got me one of those. It’s a Bears one though, so at least I have that going for me!

What has been your most useful Christmas present so far?

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2 Responses to Muk Lukin’

  1. those are so cute! exactly what i need in this cold weather!

  2. alex says:

    I have always wanted those slippers but I live in Texas…but who cares…right?

    My favorite christmas and most useful christmas present is about to be my new running shoes with NikeID installed! 😀

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