Good Old PB&J

I went old school for lunch today. I liked using the bagel thin in my sandwich yesterday, but I don’t have any Swiss cheese left. That didn’t give me too many options, but when I saw the grape jelly in the fridge, I heard a ding in my head. The idea had been planted. Peanut butter and jelly, it is!

So satisfying!

I prefer crunchy peanut butter, but we’re out of that. I settled with creamy, and when I actually saw it on the bagel thin, my stomach started grumbling. It must not have had as much a preference for crunchy as I had thought.

In my salad, I included mixed greens, cucumber slices, a few cherry tomatoes, slices of green pepper, green olives, feta and pecans. I also topped it with an olive oil balsamic vinaigrette. I still have a ton of string cheese left, so I added that in. Here’s the entire lunch:

Lunch on December 28

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3 Responses to Good Old PB&J

  1. Maryann says:

    Nothing like a good old PB and J! and that salad looks realllly good!

  2. i am such a smooth gal! that salad sounds super good- feta, pecans and olives are all of my favs!

  3. keribop says:

    Although PB in general is heavenly, I must agree that there’s just something about crunchy that makes my heart sing! 😀

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