The Bitter Suite


A good Xena episode always makes my workout so much better. I think I’ve mentioned before that I prefer to watch the warrior princess in action, rather than blast music on my iPod. I’m already on the third season, which is amazing by the way, and this is the time where the episodes get so intense and so captivating.

Here’s a little bit of back-story. I’m a devoted Xena fan. I’m not talking about your typical fan who’s watched all the episodes and knows most of the lines. I really think I have to be one of the top 10 Xena fans in the world. Not only do I know pretty much everything about Xena, I have a ridiculous amount of merchandise. I have the books, magazines, DVDs, my own chakram, toys, comics, a Halloween costume from 4th grade and a lot more. Oh yes, and that includes my life-size Xena cut-out.

The Xena Magazine

My proudest moment in fan-hood happened years ago, when I was subscribed to the Xena fan magazine. Even though the magazine came to my house, I would always go to Barnes & Noble where they would get it first. It just so happened that the issue was there. I read through it, and only got to the 5th page or so when I screamed. Yes, I shouted in the bookstore. The drawing that I sent in of Xena had been published!

Bottom, left corner

There it is! I was in 4th grade when this happened, and I’m telling you, I was flying high for months after this. I brought it to school, showed my friends, probably got made fun of a lot, but I was really on cloud nine.

Close up of my drawing

Over the years, I realized a couple things about this whole situation. For instance, I cannot draw well. Say what you might, but that picture above is horrible. When that finally hit me, I decided that they must have put my drawing in the magazine out of pity. They probably thought I was some 5-year-old, and they figured they should add a drawing in there that can’t even compete with the others.

But a couple years back, I came to a different conclusion. Even if it was a 5-year-old who drew it, it really isn’t magazine worthy. So here’s what I think. They probably didn’t have any more pictures to choose from. Again, that leads me to believe that I am a mega-Xena fan. Don’t believe me? Test me! šŸ™‚

Are you an ultra-fan of something? Think you are one of the top fans out there? Tell me what you’re a fan of.

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One Response to The Bitter Suite

  1. alex says:

    hi there, I randomly came across your blog and had to comment! My friend waaaaaaaaaay back in the day told me that the blonde girl on XENA was her cousin…or somehow related to her….I never believed her. I have no idea to this day if she really is or not and she would never fess up!

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