No Rest this Weekend

Christmas is the best holiday, in my opinion, but it’s impossible for me to get any rest. This year was no different. We host Christmas Eve at our house, so the entire day, my family prepares for the guests. The food was pretty good. Since my mother cooks for Easter and Thanksgiving, we order out on Christmas Eve. This year we went with Maggiano’s.

On Christmas Day morning, we go to church. We don’t open presents until at least 12:30 pm, since my father still has to go to hospital in the morning. I’m so grateful to have an amazing family. My mother bought me great presents, like new boots, a water bottle, a calendar, but the funniest thing has to be the Snuggie. I never thought I’d get something like that! For dinner we go to my aunt’s house, and she cooks us a feast. Juicy beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, artichokes, green beans, broccoli casserole and so much more.

I visited Paul’s house after and spent some time with his family before we both went over to our friend Nick’s house. There we threw back a couple of drinks and had fun catching up friends.

The Bears kicked butt this morning. When they play well it makes my week so much better! Then Paul and I watched the final LOTR movie. Time for me to knock out. I didn’t get much sleep at all, and I’m going to need it for this short week of work.

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One Response to No Rest this Weekend

  1. Way to end your post on a postive note… “the short week of work” LOL… I’m so happy that it’s new years soon!! Time to get into even better shape for the mini marathon we plan on running…Work out with me tomorrow after work?

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