Fat Salad

Yes, I know there is no such thing as a big, fat salad. But I’ve come to a very important conclusion in the past couple weeks. My salads are regular-sized, which seems great, until you realize that the salad isn’t that great. Yes, it’s true (*cringe*). My salads have sucked.

Actually, they’ve just become too predictable. Now, I have to change things, and it’s not even when I make the salad. When I see it in the a.m., it looks good. What is the problem, you wonder?

Number one thing about salads in the morning is the dressing. Truth be told, I love my dressing, but it’s that same dressing that causes the chaos within those seemingly large leaves. Once the delicious dressing touches my greens, I see my precious  leaves shrink. Heck, I feel like Gollum. My precious…leaves??

That’s why I’ve overpowered this salad. It’s literally stuffed with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. That was the first layer. Then I realized that my Tupperware was too small. I was going big this time. I poured it all into a new, bigger case. That’s when things got crazy. Not only did I double the tomatoes and cucumbers, I added my absolute favorite…red bell pepper!

Feta and walnuts were there too! They have alibis! The point is that my salad is becoming a main lunch staple, and I love it!

Here’s the rest!

Wheat bagel thin with Laughing Cow cheese

Well...I can't over-indulge before Christmas!

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One Response to Fat Salad

  1. Looks really delicious… Make me lunch tomorrow 🙂

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