Laced Up and Ready to Run

Aren't they pretty?

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve started getting cramps near the inside of both my feet. It’s a really strange feeling. It’s not a full-on cramp, but it’s right in that middle phase where my foot starts to cramp but I’m still able to walk on it. Weird, right? I asked my super runner co-worker what she thought, and she mentioned the shoes might be a problem. That made sense. My running shoes are very, very old.

I planned to just invest in a new pair, but once Paul found out that I wanted new shoes he swept right in. He decided that would be the perfect Christmas present for me. Paul has a habit of trying to figure out what I need most for Christmas, and then taking me shopping to find the perfect pick. That’s what we did this time. He’s the one who first spotted these beauties: Nike Free Run+ Women’s Running Shoe. At first, I wasn’t sold. But when I picked them up, and felt how light they were, they started to grow on me (as did the color!).

We purchased them, and I didn’t waste any time before I tried them out. The verdict? I’m in love! Considering the fact that my old shoes were causing foot problems, and these made me feel like I was running on air, it’s obvious why I’m head over heels (haha!) in love with these shoes.

I honestly feel like I’m running faster with them, but that might just be because my running ability is just improving. Either way, thanks Paul for getting them for me! Definitely the most useful Christmas present so far.

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