Shorter Exercise

Since I haven’t posted in so long, I felt obligated to write a short little note. The truth is that my nights have been jam-packed recently, but I still find time to post on my exercise log. I figure then I can write a short post on my exercises and eating.

In terms of eating today, I had my delicious Fage yogurt for breakfast with a little bit of honey, and a piece of wheat bread. I love dunking it! I had a yummy oatmeal granola bar for a snack around 11 am. For lunch, I made a salad filled with cucumbers, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts. I topped it with balsamic vinegar. I then had a bagel thin with salami, low-fat lorraine cheese and honey mustard. We had a fruit gift basket at work today, so I made sure to have some grapes plus a pack of chocolate gelt!

My workout was a little shorter today. I only went on the elliptical for 30 minutes. That’s alright though! I’ve been doing really well lately. Tomorrow is our holiday party at work, so if we get out a little early, I’ll try to sneak in another short workout. Now off to buy the holiday party grab-bag present, and to watch LOTR with Paul!

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