Zombies Are My Least Favorite Supes But…

The Walking Dead

the new TV show, “The Walking Dead,” is pretty bad ass. Now, when I say I really, really dislike zombies, don’t take it the wrong way. It’s not the fact that they’re undead (I love vamps) or that they want to eat us (just like vamps). Even the grotesque appearances they have can be overlooked. I have a more personal reason for my dislike. Every time I watch a zombie movie, I have a nightmare. But when one of my friends told me that I needed to check out this new AMC show, I tried to put aside my zombie issues. I watched the premiere tonight with Paul. I liked the show, but he loved it. He said the best part was that they didn’t run. According to him, that’s the main problem with modern zombie movies. Paul likes the “Night of the Living Dead” zombies that are really slow.

We’re going to watch the second and third episodes tomorrow, but more importantly, I’ll let you know if I have that nightmare.

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