Hanging Out with Zuzu

My little cousin Alexandra is an absolute doll. She’s 5 years old, has beautiful light brown hair and has a killer smile. I’ve molded her into a mini Lady Gaga fan, and when we spend time together, we never run out of things to do. Yesterday, I picked her up after a long day of work and took her to our favorite ice cream parlor. The Chocolate Shoppe is one of the coolest places in my neighborhood. Every couple of months they completely change the entire place. The walls are covered with murals, sometimes a jungle, sometimes an ocean. When we went yesterday, the place was spooked out Halloween-style. There are mannequins in windows and music rocking. We had a blast! When I finally dropped her off at home (after giving her Beauty & the Beast to borrow), she ran to give me a picture she drew for me:

The black is the slide and the green is the stairs.

We call Alexandra the name Zuzu because of the character from It’s A Wonderful Life. George Bailey has a daughter named Zuzu, and she always reminded us of our little Alexandra. The name has stuck!

Zuzu and I when she was a little baby!

Yep, I’m a dork, but I can’t help it!

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