T-shirt Time

Merlotte's Waitress, The Warriors, Led Zeppelin and Empire Strikes Back

Shopping is not my thing. I only go when I need something, which is pretty rare. That’s why shopping online is the best. You don’t need to leave the house, and if you’re comfortable with the brand, you have a pretty good idea of what size you need. That’s why I went wild at 80sTees.com.

I love t-shirts. I wear them almost every day (when I get home from work or on the weekends). Usually, I try to get tees of movies, music, TV shows and other things that I like.

First up is the True Blood tee. It’st just like the one Sookie wears while waitressing at Merlotte’s. I couldn’t pass it up. The second is a shirt based on the movie The Warriors. Love, love, love that movie. It’s a total 80s classic. I already have the same exact Zep shirt already, but I’ve worn it so many times and washed it so many times that it’s actually shrunk. I had to buy it again. Star Wars shirts dominate my tees. I’ve never seen a purple one, so it had to be added to the collection.

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