The Dark Knight Rises

Paul and I at "The Dark Knight" midnight premiere

I’m obsessed with many, many things, including Batman. I’m a comic book nerd, and a proud one at that. So like the rest of the world, I’ve been patiently waiting details about the third Batman film by filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Finally, there’s a bit more info. Thank you to Geoff Boucher who got mystery man Nolan to release a bit of info.

What did we learn?

1. The third and final Batman movie will be called “The Dark Knight Rises.” While it’s definitely a strong title, it doesn’t really strike me as the title of a final chapter or conclusion. Nolan has mentioned before that this will be his last Batman movie, and I get that initial feeling that the title doesn’t really fit with that. But, since Nolan is a genius, I’m running with it. Although, I figured “The Dark Knight Returns” would be a bit more appropriate. Then again, I don’t make movies, so what do I know? 😉

2. The Riddler aka Edward Nigma will not be in the film. The Riddler had been a fan favorite and front-runner for bad guy in the movie, but Nolan ruled it out.

What questions do we still have?

1. Who will Tom Hardy play? Presumably it will be a bad guy…which leads me to:

2. Who will the villain be, and will there be more than one?

3. io9 reported that casting is underway for a female lead in the film. Will that be Catwoman, Talia al Ghul or someone completely different?

I cannot wait for this movie!

Repping my TDK shirt with my brother!

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