In My Dreams

Eminem in "8 Mile"

In the past two weeks, Eminem aka Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers had invaded my dreams. No, these were not nightmares. Far from it actually. I’ve had a crush on Eminem since “My Name Is” came onto the radio in 2000, when I was in 6th grade. Since then my crush grew into a tiny obsession. Even though can say he’s a jerk, I think the bottom line is that he is gifted and he makes me laugh. Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out what caused this subconscious infatuation with Mr. 8 Mile. After a couple days, it finally hit me.

I updated my iPod about a month ago, and I started noticing a large increase in the number of Eminem songs when I had the thing on random. When I went back to my computer, I realized that my brother, Mark, had downloaded EVERY SINGLE EMINEM SONG EVER MADE. Now I’m not just talking about music from his CDs. He’s got remixes, free-styles and even skits. This added up to being over a few hundred tracks.

Now, I don’t listen to them all when my iPod is on shuffle in my car. I usually skip over the songs I don’t like. But the fact is that my mind realizes that it’s Eminem. I see his name on the dashboard, and I recognize the beats and his voice immediately. To me, that’s the only explanation as to why he’s been in my dreams twice in two weeks.

The real issue is whether or not I keep all these tracks on my iPod. As much as I like meeting Eminem in Barnes & Noble, and meeting a guy who is half Eminem and half my boyfriend, Paul, I think it’s time to erase the majority of the songs. I’ll keep the ones from his major albums, but I’m sorry Slim Shady, it’s time for you step down.

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