Yo! My First Post!

Duchess Ravenwaves - The namesake of my blog.


I’ve said it tons of times before, but I mean it this time. I’m actually starting my own blog! I’ve always loved writing down my thoughts, but now that almost everything in this world seems to be on the computer, I figure I might as well move from a journal to this. I hope to talk about the things that I love on this blog, mainly my friends, family, books, science fiction, fantasy and sports. I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of things, but I don’t have to scratch things out. I can just come back and edit…wow, pretty strange when you’re used to doing this all time.

Anyway, I know the title of this blog is pretty strange, but here’s the story. My hair is dark, dark, dark brown. But many people, mostly guys, have always thought that my hair is black. So I stick with it every once in a while. When I think of black hair, my mind reverts to Duchess Raven Waves. You probably have no idea what I’m talking about. OK, so…once upon a time there used to be a show called Lady Lovely Locks. Now this show was pretty rad for a little girl. There were these princesses with awesome hair. Raven Waves just happened to be the villain, but since her hair was most like mine, I liked her most.

She’s pretty awesome looking right? That’s pretty much my story! I’ll do my best to post again soon…hopefully with some entertaining news!

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