Oh Romeo!

I definitely needed a relaxing weekend. The weekend before, Paul (the bf) and I, took a road trip to Michigan for one of his friend’s weddings. We left at 10 am Friday, and got there 5 hours later. The wedding was amazing…more details to come. But the one goocher was that we had to drive back Saturday morning. That equaled to 10 hours driving in like 36 hours. Pretty much exhausting. Then on that Sunday we went to the Bears game.

Of course, they lost! Paul and I are 0-2 when we’ve gone to the games together.

Back to last weekend though…

On Friday, it took me a whole hour to get home from work. I only live 15 miles away! When I finally got home, I was annoyed and not really enthusiastic about going out. Instead, Paul and I went to our friend John’s house. We basically just chatted and caught up. I haven’t seen John in a couple weeks. The night was perfect. I got to go to sleep by 1 am!

I should have worked out on Saturday, but instead, I decided to catch up on some reading. I finished “All Together Dead,” a Sookie Stackhouse novel. I’m obsessed with those books. As much as I love Anna Paquin (she plays Sook on the show True Blood), the Sookie in the books just seems stronger, more stubborn and more willful. That’s the kind of main character I want.

After I finished it, I decided to start reading the Hunger Games. I’m hooked. I finished the book by Sunday morning! More details later…

For my birthday, which was on October 1, Paul had gotten us tickets to go see Romeo & Juliet at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier. Shakespeare is pretty much the man, and I was thrilled to see my second fave W.S. play!

Paul and I outside the Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Paul and I got to Navy Pier early. We wanted to eat dinner at Bubba Gump’s, but the wait was 1 hour and 45 minutes. That’s way too long! We got to NP at 6 and the play was at 8…totally ridiculous! Next door was Harry Caray’s, so we ate there instead. I got a pulled chicken sandwich, which wasn’t very warm 😦 I know that pulled sandwiches are messy, but this one was just overly messy. I ate as much chicken as I could with the fork. Oh well.

Then we walked to the theater, and I started to get excited! The play was about 2 and a half hours long, and I’d give it 2/4 stars. I thought Romeo and Juliet were way too whiny. Yes, I know they’re 14, but Juliet was plain old obnoxious. Mercutio was outstanding though. He was mysterious, prophetic and almost seemed high on some type of drug. All in all, the night was amazing, mostly because I was with Paul!

I can’t even get into Sunday now. Chicago Bears you kill me. That’s all I can say. Peace out! 🙂

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